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Aug , 13

USAID/West Africa:Evaluation and Analytical Services Project (EAS) For the Regional Peace and Governance Office

Regional Peace and Governance Office (RPGO) activities span a broad range of activities including democracy and governance, conflict prevention and mitigation, and activities that support local resiliencies against violent extremism. As a result, fully understanding the impact of interventions and key lessons learned – both large and small – is a broad and complex endeavor, necessitating a series of evaluation of activities contract devoted to evaluating the full spectrum of RPGO activities.

The Mitchell Group under this contract is providing services in three focus areas:

a) Countering Violent Extremism

b) Conflict Mitigation and Reconciliation

c) Political competition and consensus building, Local Capacity Building , Data Collection and Evaluation, Research and Analysis

Activities include:

  • Local capacity building in evaluation and analytical services to support the evaluation an analytical components of this contract by improving the capacity of local and/or regional organizations to carry out such activities.
  • Data collection and evaluation – which will require the creation of a framework through which Regional Peace and Governance activities are evaluated. This framework includes design of data collection tools and methods, collection of baseline data, review and analysis of information collected, and completion of evaluation reports.
  • Research and analysis to supplement on-going data collection and evaluation work. These services may be desk or field based, and may include additional field research

The objective of this activity is to increase the availability of quality information in the region in a manner that can support improved achievement of development objectives and can be sustained after the end of the project period. This will increase the ability of USAID/West Africa (WA) and regional / local partners to make better decisions and will help influence the design of more appropriate future interventions during the life of the contract. It will also further develop regional capacity in evaluation and analytical services more generally, particularly in the sectors covered by RPGO. Successfully strengthening the capacity of regional and local organizations will also support the collection of higher quality information.


TMG/UPitt Present at 59th Annual African Studies Conference

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