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USAID/Haiti, Incentives to Improve Basic Education (IIBE) I & II

by TMG
Aug , 13
USAID/Haiti, Incentives to Improve Basic Education (IIBE) I & II

Under the Incentives to Improve Basic Education (IIBE I & II ) contracts in Haiti, TMG provided long- and short-term technical assistance to the Government of Haiti and the Haitian Foundation for Private Education (FONHEP), an umbrella organization of private and parochial education institutions. TMG’s contract was implemented within a larger program to improve FONHEP’s management of USAID’s resources including small grants made to participating institutions; and to promote administrative efficiency and equity of access in primary schools. The primary objective of our financial management advisors was to implement fully the components of an enhanced financial accounting and reporting system to produce timely and accurate data for managerial planning and decision-making. From October 1996 to January 1997, TMG undertook a critical review of the operations of FONHEP and related organizations to develop a phase out action plan that will leave a capable, sustainable organization. Also, TMG provided assistance to build on FONHEP’s’s management systems, including identification of training needs and pinpointing operational bottlenecks that affect FONHEP’s management. The project involved managing the logistics for importing materials to support textbook preparation. TMG provided budget, financial management, and audit services to facilitate implementation of basic education activities carried out by FONHEP’s members, worked on improving personnel management skills and conducted data gathering activities.

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