Mexico & Mongolia


by TMG
Aug , 13

USAID/EGAT-Evaluation of Competitiveness Analysis

TMG worked closely with USAID/EGAT, in undertaking a comprehensive and significant integrated evaluation of USAID’s overall competitiveness exercises and programs already completed and currently underway. The final evaluation report focused on cluster initiatives as vehicles for improving the competitiveness of a country or region. The purpose of the study was to gain a better understanding of what has and has not worked in the implementation of promoting cluster initiatives and to learn how to improve USAID’s work in this field.

The team conducted a desk review of USAID’s experience with cluster initiatives in 26 countries. This included self-reports by USAID contractors as well as interviews with contractors and practitioners. Second, the team examined non-USAID cluster initiatives through a literature review and interviews with other multilateral and regional donors and other organizations that have employed the cluster approach. Third, the team carried out field assessments of two cluster initiative projects – a USAID-funded program in Mongolia and Transformando Campeche, an initiative launched by the local business community to revitalize the state of Campeche in southeastern Mexico.

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