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USAID/Benin, Children’s Learning and Equity Foundations Project (CLEF) Project I & II

by TMG
Aug , 13
USAID/Benin, Children’s Learning and Equity Foundations Project (CLEF) Project I & II

Under this $11,169,442 performance-based contract, TMG provided long-term advisory and short-term consultant services to USAID/Benin and the Government of Benin to facilitate achievement of primary education policy reforms. TMG achieved significant results at the primary level, including curriculum development, teacher training, and textbook printing and distribution. The objective of CLEF was to institute educational reforms and implement an effective, efficient, equitable and sustainable primary education system throughout Benin. TMG provided long-term technical assistance (TA) and significant short-term TA, training, and commodity procurement that contributed to the achievement of significant progress through innovative and sustainable interventions in teacher training; curriculum development and achievement testing; community and parents’ participation; strategic planning and school mapping; and financial management. TMG helped support a complete overhaul of Benin’s primary learning system. New curricula for all primary school subjects were developed and tested, and were implemented nationwide. New and innovative teaching methodologies for primary school children were institutionalized. The Primary Leaving Exam (CEP) was completely restructured leading to a CEP success rate of over 90% for students in the school year. Approximately 21,500 teachers and 100 school inspectors were trained in the use of a new curricula and teaching methodologies. Textbooks, workbooks, teacher guides and pedagogical charts were developed, tested and locally printed for Grades 1-4. Additional accomplishments included strong support for girls’ education through the creation of a National Girls’ Education Network with the objective to increase equity for girls and children in disadvantaged regions, resulting in a sustainable increase of 16.65% in the gross enrollment rate for girls. TMG also provided training for teachers and school inspectors using new teaching methodologies through Side-Based training for all educational staff at 1 to 4 grade level.

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