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Basic Education Support (BES)

by TMG
Apr , 3
Basic Education Support (BES)

Project Overview

This project sought to address some of the inequities in the Namibian education system through interventions focusing on: (1) strengthening the institutional capacity in Namibia’s Ministry of Education; and (2) teaching and learning in a set of disadvantaged “Target Schools.”

Countries: Namibia

Region: Africa

Project Description

Under a $1 million subcontract with the Institute for International Research, TMG provided 115 months of short-term technical assistance in fields related to basic education. Accomplishments included fielding consultants to work with Namibian Regional Education officials, the Peace Corps, and others to select clusters of schools with lower primary grades in Northern Namibia as part of the Target Schools Intervention component. The Peace Corps volunteers trained and supported groups of lower primary school teachers as well as acted as resource persons. TMG provided a consultant to support preparation, delivery, and follow-up for workshops to develop instructional and continuous assessment materials for use in target schools. TMG fielded a primary school math expert to train members of the central training team, using problem-based approaches that focused on child- centered teaching of math and continuous assessment. A TMG consultant ran a Teachers’ Basic Competencies Manual translation workshop for translating the manual into two local languages, including discussion of concepts and applications.

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