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UMEMS – End of Project Evaluation of the ACE Program

by TMG
Apr , 26
UMEMS – End of Project Evaluation of the ACE Program

In conducting this evaluation, TMG analytically examined the ACE project to: 1) determine how appropriate the ACE approach was for capacity building to each client organization; 2) determine the extent to which ACE has achieved its intended results for each client organizations, what factors facilitated and/or hindered the achievements of planned results and what are the remaining gaps/weaknesses in systems support for each organization; 3) determine the extent to which the capacity building provided by ACE has contributed to the client organizations’ overall performance in delivery of HIV/AIDS programs; 4) determine the cost-effectiveness of the ACE interventions; 5) identify the key lessons learned for capacity building programs in Uganda and elsewhere; and 6) identify positive or negative unintended results from ACE’s interventions and what factors determined such unintended results.

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