Translator or Interpreter

by TMG
Jan , 11

Job Description

TMG is seeking a translator or Interpreter with a medical/clinical research background to be responsible for listening to, understanding, and translating spoken or written statements from one language to another (English to French and vice versa). Reproduce statements in either of the two languages for a diverse audience on a project.

 Primary Responsibilities

  • Facilitate effective communication between participants that do not speak a similar language (French, English) by converting one spoken or written language to another.
  • Attend conferences and meetings and act as official translator to mediate discussion.
  • Participate in conference calls with project sites in the (DRC)
  • Translate French or English for various stakeholders on the project.
  • Relay concepts and ideas between languages.
  • Convert written materials from one language into another, such as research findings, publications, or web pages.
  • Create a new text in the target language that reproduces the content and style of the original.
  • Edit and proofread text to accurately reflect language.
  • Receive and submit assignments electronically.
  • Use dictionaries and glossaries for reference.
  • Facilitate communication for people with limited English proficiency.
  • Read aloud documents in a language other than that in which they were written.
  • Provide language services to staff with limited English proficiency.
  • Translate research findings/ materials produced at various sites and medical facilities into another language.
  • Accompany visitors and facilitate communication between receiving party and visitors.


  • Demonstrated experience as a translator of general and technical English language text into French, and text of similar difficulty from French into English
  • Exceptional fluency in English and French
  • Prior experience as a translator on similar projects
  • Ability to communicate orally and in writing in an effective and courteous manner with administrative staff, physicians, patients, other allied health personnel, and other diverse groups


  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Higher education coursework in the French language

Application Process

Candidate applications must include an updated curriculum vitae, a detailed cover letter, and the names and e-mail addresses of three professional references.
The application should be sent to michellw[at]
The final date for submission of applications would be January 31, 2019.



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