Completed Project

Trade Facilitation and Capacity Building (TFCB)

by TMG
Jul , 31
Trade Facilitation and Capacity Building (TFCB)

Project Overview

As a subcontractor, TMG supported The Services Group in five objectives: 1) A More Competitive Southern African Economy; 2) Rural Livelihoods Diversified in Southern Africa; 3) Improved Electoral Competition in Southern Africa; 4) Improved Management of Selected River Basins; and 5) Maximize Value of RCSA Services and Programs.


Countries: Southern Africa

Region: Africa

Project Description

Specific tasks TMG completed include revising the Performance Management Plan and the Results Indicators; specifying criteria for expert assessment of technical capacity on trade issues at the regional and national level; and collecting sources of information for each Results Indicator. Such actions supported the key objective of the TFCB  project to build capacity and facilitate sound policy reform in order to create an improved enabling environment in Southern Africa capable of delivering increase investment and economic growth.

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