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Tanzania Monitoring and Evaluation Management Services (TMEMS)

by TMG
Jul , 31
Tanzania Monitoring and Evaluation Management Services (TMEMS)

Project Overview

TMG provided M&E core services to the three Mission Teams and their implementing partners (IPs) in two areas: 1) Economic Growth, which consisted of Agriculture and the Environment; and 2) Investing in People, which consisted of the Health and Education teams.

Client: USAID/Tanzania

Countries: Tanzania

Region: Africa

Project Description

TMG also designed a comprehensive performance measurement, planning, monitoring and evaluation, and reporting system to assist USAID/Tanzania in measuring its performance in achieving its objectives as set forth in its Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) FY 2009 – 2013, as well as its Operational Planning and Performance Reporting documentation. TMEMS allowed TMG to enhance the capacities of USAID Teams and IPs to develop Performance Management Plans (PMPs) for both teams and their IPs, improve data quality, and put in place a web-based database that is greatly facilitating reporting across IPs. Five results were targeting in TMG’s strategy for which TMG provided performance management services, DQAs, capacity building for performance management, and evaluation and management services: 1) Performance Management System of USAID/Tanzania Program Areas Supported; 2) Targeted Capacity Building for Performance Management Supported; 3) Mission Evaluation Strategy Supported; 4) Mission Information Management Supported; and 5) Tanzania MEMS Project Efficiency and Effectively Managed.

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