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Tanzania Feed the Future Monitoring and Evaluation (FTF M&E) Project

by TMG
Aug , 13
Tanzania Feed the Future Monitoring and Evaluation (FTF M&E) Project

TMG undertook monitoring and evaluation of the FtF intiative over a five year period. The conceptualized M&E system comprised of components that enabled USAID/Tanzania to fulfill its performance monitoring, evaluation, reporting, and dissemination requirements as mandated in the Automated Directives System (ADS) and other Agency guidance. TMG developed a robust M&E conceptual framework with a web-based portal data reporting system and design/develop approaches, systems, and tools for: routine collection of program monitoring data to track outputs produced by the initiative; collection of both qualitative and quantitative data /information on program outcomes for measuring key results and impact of the initiative, including effectiveness and reach of the programs implemented; evaluation and impact assessment for ascertaining the trend in achieving the set intermediate results of the FtF interventions; inventory and capacity assessment of local and regional institutions that can potentially assist with implementation of M&E tasks; and a capacity building program to transfer technology and best practices to selected local and regional institutions for monitoring, evaluation, and knowledge sharing. TMG also conducted baseline surveys, beneficiary assessments, data quality assessment, targeted studies, and impact evaluations. TMG’s measurement of key results/ outcomes allowed for better understanding of program effectiveness and the systematic documentation to foster critical reflection, knowledge sharing and learning.

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