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Tanzania Affordable Private Schools (APS) Assessment

by TMG
Apr , 4
Tanzania Affordable Private Schools (APS) Assessment

TMG conducted this assessment in Tanzania to obtain information tailored for designing a pilot program on supporting the private basic education sector. It had six objectives: identifying the various players investing in the private basic education sector and their needs in targeted areas determined by the Mission; identifying local business development service (BDS) firms that, with capacity building if needed, could provide training to private school proprietors; identifying the unique responsibilities and assessing the capacities of each participating partner in the pilot, including BDS providers, financial institutions, private school associations and alliances, and ministries of education; providing the Mission with lessons learned and best practices from Ghana and other applicable projects, a list of key references on private schools in Tanzania; providing the Mission with the estimated cost of implementation; and providing the Mission with design options and recommendations. The Assessment built upon the current mission education assistance objective that focused on early primary grade levels in Zanzibar and Mtwara. TMG also conducted a meta-analysis case study, which explored the range of educational levels and areas in which the private sector in Tanzania was active and looked more broadly at the privatization of education in Tanzania/Zanzibar so that the meta-analysis information, along with the assessment data, provided the Mission with a good context in which to ground its upcoming private school pilot.

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