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Studies to Inform the Journey to Self-Reliance for USAID

by TMG
Jan , 17
Studies to Inform the Journey to Self-Reliance for USAID

Project Overview

This study is to conceptualize and implement a series of up to three Agency-wide studies and/or evaluations to investigate priority questions from the USAID-wide Self-Reliance Learning Agenda (SRLA), in order to inform USAID policy, strategies, and programs in support of self-reliance.


Countries: Global

Region: Global

Project Description

USAID/PPL awarded the Studies to Inform the Journey to Self-Reliance for USAID contract to The Mitchell Group (TMG) in order to better understand the dynamics of capacity and commitment in relation to Self-Reliance in the international development sector.

There will be up to three research studies under this award. All studies will be conducted in a highly collaborative manner with various USAID stakeholders from the Bureau of Policy Planning and Learning (PPL). The first study is currently underway and is exploring the concept of commitment and potentially how USAID can leverage practical ways to better bolster commitment in the countries it works within. The TMG Study Team will use a variety of creative, mixed research methods to explore and unpack this critical concept.

The end products of these studies will be encapsulated in up to three final reports which will articulate the evidence-based findings and practical recommendations that USAID can apply in programming contexts to better facilitate the Journey to Self-Reliance.

Key Accomplishments

  • Researchable line of inquiry identified during scoping period.
  • Design of study developed.
  • Study implemented in Washington, DC and/or overseas.
  • Final report with practical findings and recommendations developed.
  • Dissemination event held.


2019- 2021

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