Completed Project

Review of Basic Education Quality in Ghana

by TMG
Jul , 31
Review of Basic Education Quality in Ghana

Project Overview

This four month project was designed to combine achievement and school resource information into a single data base and assess the degree to which particular resources were associated with better performance.

Client: USAID/Ghana

Countries: Ghana

Region: Africa

Project Description

Background documents were studied to assess the current context of education in Ghana. Interviews with teachers, head teachers, district education officers, and other stakeholders were conducted to gauge their views on the source of the problems and possible solutions. Two districts were chosen as case studies for a more in-depth analysis. The new data base provided a district-by-district snapshot of achievement and school input improvements over time by comparison to national averages for each of the 138 districts  in the country. Suggestions were made to USAID, other development partners, and to the Government of Ghana (GOG) on the content of the new directions determined by the evaluation.

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