Contracting Vehicles

Contracting Vehicles

A wide variety of contracting vehicles are available to meet the unique needs of our clients. Learn more about individual contracts, mobis schedule, and Schedule 70, IQC’s and other options.

What Is A Federal Supply or Multiple Award Schedule?

A Multiple Award Schedule covers contracts that the GSA Federal Supply Service has negotiated with qualified companies for a group of related products or services to be delivered directly to the customer. The terms Federal Supply Schedule and Multiple Award Schedule are often interchangeable.

Schedule contracts are awarded to companies supplying the same types of items – in this case, consulting, facilitation, survey services, privatization support services and documentation, and program integration and project management services – at varying prices. All you have to do is review the features and prices of the service you need, determine the best value for your agency, and place your order.

Who Can Use Schedules?

  • All federal agencies and activities in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches
  • Mixed-ownership government corporations as defined in the Government Corporation Control Act, such as the U.S. Postal Service
  • The government of the District of Columbia
  • Other authorized organizations and activities.

Advantages of Federal Supply Schedules

  • Easy access to commercial services
  • Volume discount pricing
  • Multiple awards for varying requirements
  • Blanket purchase agreements and fair pricing
  • Direct contractor-customer relationship
  • All relevant regulations already applied
  • Commerce Business Daily synopses not required
  • New services continually available
  • No maximum order limitations
  • Easy ordering

Our Contracting Vehicles

  • Individual Contracts, Purchase Orders, and Service Agreements
  • Task Orders pursuant to our Indefinite Quantity Contracts
  • GSA MOBIS Federal Supply Schedule (Management, Organizational, and Business Improvement Services)
  • GSA Schedule 70 Federal Supply Schedule (Information Technology)

Individual Contracts

Individual Contracts, Purchase Orders, and Service Agreements

TMG is highly experienced in successfully performing all types of contracts for clients (Firm Fixed Price, Time and Materials, and Cost Reimbursement) of any duration needed (short-term, intermediate-term, and multi-year). TMG structures its contracts to meet the individual needs of each client. TMG also offers its customers the confidence of knowing that they are dealing with a firm of the highest integrity, which has a proven well-developed financial management system that produces data that customers can count on, and is formatted in the manner that best meets the customer’s needs.

To ensure that all financial data we produce maintains the highest standards attainable, we are audited annually by two agencies, and we have a record of consistent clean audits. Our indirect cost rates are approved annually by the US Government, and are set forth in a Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement (NICRA).

MOBIS Schedule

Management, Organizational and Business Improvement Services

Management, Organizational, and Business Improvement Services (MOBIS) is a Federal Supply Schedule offered by the General Services Administration to provide agencies with a streamlined device to procure services for quality management and other system changes. Contractors on this Schedule are experienced in quality management theory and practice and have demonstrated their ability to provide expert assistance to Federal agencies. There is no need for agencies placing orders through the MOBIS Federal Supply schedule to seek further competition beyond the list of schedule contractors, synopsize requirements, or make determinations of fair and reasonable pricing. Agencies save money when they can be assured that their procurement will be the best value available and comply with all applicable regulations.

TMG’s GSA MOBIS Schedule

Schedule 70

Information Technology Services

IT Schedule 70 is the most widely used acquisition vehicle in the federal government. Schedule 70 is an indefinite delivery indefinite quantity (IDIQ) multiple award schedule, which provides direct access to products and services from certified industry partners.


Indefinite Quantity Contracts

IQCs or IDIQs are blanket contracts awarded by HQ USAID or other agencies, which specify prices and conditions, but do not authorize the contractor to provide a definite quantity of services or supplies. Authorized customers may issue Task Orders against the IQC, to order services/supplies pursuant to its prices/conditions.

To find more information about our IQCs please visit the list of our current projects.