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USAID/RCSA Network and Capacity Building (NETCAB)

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Aug , 13
USAID/RCSA Network and Capacity Building (NETCAB)

TMG conducted an end-of-program evaluation of the Network and Capacity Building (NETCAB).

The evaluation included three interrelated activities: a review of progress made in the implementation of NETCAB and assessment of the development impact of the investment; an institutional analysis of a representative sample of beneficiary institutions; and documentation of lessons learned and best practices identified during the implementation of this program. TMG impacted the building of regional identity and a common language for environmental conservation and natural resource management by enhancing the capacity of various governmental institutions and employing data analysis techniques to evaluate effectiveness and identify best practices.

USAID’s Regional Center for South Africa (USAID/RCSA): Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Zambia.

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