Completed Project

Mid-Term Project Evaluation of the USAID/DELIVER Project

by TMG
Apr , 24
Mid-Term Project Evaluation of the USAID/DELIVER Project

TMG carried out an evaluation that focused on the Project’s three main objectives: 1) improving the Ethiopian Contraceptive Logistics System (ECLS); 2) improving the availability of contraceptives at all levels of the public health system; and 3), assisting design and implementation of the new Pharmaceutical Logistics Master Plan (PLMP), a Federal Ministry of Health initiative that establishes a semi-autonomous agency in Ethiopia responsible for managing, financing, logistics and supply of all health commodities (including contraceptives and all other special purpose and essential drugs). In order to best assess these objectives, TMG examined the Project’s progress and achievements, identified strengths and weaknesses, made recommendations for future improvements, determined additional Project approaches and activities that led to improved availability of family planning and other essential health commodities, and reviewed the efficiency and effectiveness of the Project’s staffing, management structures, and processes.

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