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Liberia Monitoring and Evaluation Program (L-MEP)

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Aug , 13
Liberia Monitoring and Evaluation Program (L-MEP)

TMG implemented a five-year M&E project for USAID/Liberia to provide a comprehensive performance management, planning, monitoring and evaluation, and reporting system for the Mission. The system measured the performance of development activities toward the achievement of development objectives. The L-MEP was also instrumental in guiding USAID/Liberia in establishing a clear, consistent information flow between the Mission and its IPs; designing a monitoring and evaluation plan for Mission activities to coordinate data gathering, analysis, and dissemination related to each activity, thereby preventing duplication and promoting synergy; and assisting USAID/Liberia to conduct evaluations of selected projects in their portfolios. During implementation, the Mission added monitoring and evaluation of its MCC Threshold Programs to the L-MEP contract and within the first few months of operation, the L-MEP increased collaboration between the USAID Mission Teams and the MCC IPs and developed a plan of action to implement DQAs. The “front-loading” of technical assistance for PMP review and database development was essential to putting in place the two most important components of the web-based information management system– a means of generating performance data with a structure for storing, manipulating, retrieving and reporting data, and the GIS platform. Based on experience gained from implementing M&E programs in Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda, L-MEP completed the development of a sophisticated online data management system, the Performance Indicator Data Base Systems (PIDS) that enabled all IPs to enter their data in a standardized format and enables USAID/Liberia to generate required performance management reports.

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