Completed Project

FATA Education Assessment

by TMG
Jul , 31
FATA Education Assessment

Project Overview

For the assessment, TMG held in depth interviews, discussions and meetings with stakeholder representatives to identify constraints and possible approaches to improving education in FATA, particularly for girls and illiterate women but also for out of school youth assessment.

Client: USAID/Pakistan

Countries: Pakistan

Region: Middle East and North Africa

Project Description

Key stakeholders included the FATA secretariat officials, USAID, USAID’s implementing partners, other donors, NGOs, private sector entities, religious institutions, tribal elders and Maliks, parents, youth, and other community members. The assessment team compiled and synthesized the stakeholder inputs, identified the key findings, and analyzed them produce conclusions that led to informed recommendations for the design of an education program for FATA– ideally for the short-, medium-, and long-term. In addition to the results of stakeholder interviews, TMG used parameters provided by the FATA Development Plan and USAID/Pakistan’s education strategy for the assessment.

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