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Evaluation of USAID/Peru’s Education Program: AprenDes and CETT-Andino

by TMG
Jul , 31
Evaluation of USAID/Peru’s Education Program: AprenDes and CETT-Andino

Project Overview

TMG carried out an evaluation of USAID/Peru’s two education programs: Innovations in Decentralization and Achieve Schools (AprenDes) and the Andean Center for Excellence in Teacher Training (CETT-Andino).

Client: USAID/Peru

Countries: Peru

Region: Latin America and The Caribbean

Project Description

The principal evolution objectives were to: (1) Determine to what extent the two USAID education projects achieved their respective objectives; (2) Determine the prospects for the their sustainability and their further replication; (3) Document lessons learned and best practices as a contribution to the development knowledge in education; (4) Determine the extent of technical and programmatic synergy between the two; and (5) Identify success stories based on evaluation findings. Accompanying these five objectives were 31 questions, several focused on both programs. In order to address the evaluation objectives and answer the specific questions, members of the evaluation team visited 25 primary schools: 12 AprenDes, 10 CETT-Andino, and 3 non-project schools. They also reviewed materials designed for teachers, teacher training curricula, student guides, program evaluations, case studies, systemizations, along with many other reference documents. The team interviewed a total of 240 individuals including: students, teachers, parents, community leaders, regional government staff in four regions (San Martin, Ucayali, Amazonas, and Junin), education opinion leaders in Lima, senior staff and technical staff from the Ministry of Education (MED), the National Education Council (CNE), the Ministry of Education & Finance (MEF), the office of the President of the Council of Ministers (PCM), the National Assembly of Regional Government (ANGR), and staff from USAID/Peru. In addition, the evaluation team reviewed over 170 documents.


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