Completed Project

Egypt Intellectual Property Rights Assistance (IPRA) Property Evaluation

by TMG
Apr , 4
Egypt Intellectual Property Rights Assistance (IPRA) Property Evaluation

Under this task order, TMG evaluated the impact and effectiveness of IPRA’s technical assistance in the area and processes for strengthening intellectual property rights protection. To assess the impact and effectiveness of IPRA, the evaluation team conducted in-person interviews with upper management GOE personnel from the MTI regarding trademarks and industrial designs as well as intellectual property rights enforcement; the MALR regarding plant variety and general intellectual property protection and licensing; the MHESR regarding patents; the MCMC regarding copyright; the Egyptian Council of State regarding the judiciary’s role in intellectual property rights enforcement; and the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) within the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology regarding computer software protection. To gain insight about how IPRA-assisted changes in the organization and practices of the various GOE intellectual property rights agencies affected persons other than GOE personnel, TMG also conducted interviews using participatory methods with intellectual property agents and attorneys as well as interested representatives of businesses.

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