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Country Strategic Plan – Benin

Country Strategic Plan – Benin

TMG supported efforts to provide quality basic education on an equitable and expanded basis by developing a regionally focused integrated family health program and building upon reform efforts to reduce governance constraints in the education and health sectors and demand transparency and accountability from the government.

Jul , 30
UMEMS – End of Project Evaluation of the Capacity Project

UMEMS – End of Project Evaluation of the Capacity Project

TMG conducted an end of project evaluation to 2010 to determine whether the project achieved the expected specific results; and to examine the factors that facilitated and/or hindered its achievement of planned results. The evaluation was also to assess the extent to which the assistance provided by the project contributed to overall performance in delivery of health services in Uganda. It also identified the remaining gaps/weaknesses in HRH systems in the country to inform implementation of a new Capacity Program to be supported by USAID/Uganda for five years. The evaluation adopted a qualitative methodology, which included review of more than 80 documents, and interviews with over 80 respondents in Kampala and six out of 12 districts reached by focused project activities in northern and western Uganda. Data analysis and conclusions were based on triangulation of qualitative data from respondents and quantitative information extracted from reviewed documents.

Apr , 26
UMEMS – End of Project Evaluation of the ACE Program

UMEMS – End of Project Evaluation of the ACE Program

In conducting this evaluation, TMG analytically examined the ACE project to: 1) determine how appropriate the ACE approach was for capacity building to each client organization; 2) determine the extent to which ACE has achieved its intended results for each client organizations, what factors facilitated and/or hindered the achievements of planned results and what are the remaining gaps/weaknesses in systems support for each organization; 3) determine the extent to which the capacity building provided by ACE has contributed to the client organizations’ overall performance in delivery of HIV/AIDS programs; 4) determine the cost-effectiveness of the ACE interventions; 5) identify the key lessons learned for capacity building programs in Uganda and elsewhere; and 6) identify positive or negative unintended results from ACE’s interventions and what factors determined such unintended results.

Apr , 26
Institutional Support Services Contract Office of Science and Technology

Institutional Support Services Contract Office of Science and Technology

For the Institutional Support Services Contract to support the Office of Science and Technology, TMG provided administrative and programmatic technical support. Over a two year period, TMG hired over two dozen staff and determined their scopes of work using a collaborative, discussion, and needs based process. Activities by TMG also included obtaining security clearances and creating performance evaluation protocols.

Apr , 26