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Global Business, Trade, and Investment (GBTI) II IQC

Global Business, Trade, and Investment (GBTI) II IQC

The purpose of this contract was to provide services for the Support for Economic Growth and Institutional Reform (SEGIR) project, specifically in the Global Business, Trade, and Investment (GBTI) sector. The IQC also allowed missions and bureaus to continue to engage in business, trade and investment work and related sector reform projects through a structured procurement process. It was aimed at building on initial SEGIR experience in addressing business, trade and investment constraints to economic growth in USAID-presence countries. The IQC was also intended to promote knowledge management and best practices by making available to USAID and its GBTI implementers all contract-related experience and reports. Finally, GBTI II focused on devising and implementing robust strategies to promote real economic growth, reduce poverty, graduate transitional countries from aid to trade, promote open competitive markets, develop the private sector, and mobilize private financing sources to supplement and eventually replace development assistance.

Aug , 13
Chad Child Survival Project

Chad Child Survival Project

Under this project, TMG was responsible for strengthening the administration and delivery of an improved integrated package of Maternal and Child Health/Family Well-Being in selected prefectures in Mali. TMG also was responsible for reinforcing the capability of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Affairs to operate and maintain a national health information system in Chad. TMG provided three long-term health professionals and several short-term technical experts in specialized areas including health care management and administration, health planning, health training, health information systems, operations research, management information systems, procurement and logistics management and financial management. TMG conducted approximately $400,000 worth of in-country training assistance and off-shore training (study tours).

Aug , 13
USAID/Swaziland – Educational Policy, Management and Technology (EPMT)

USAID/Swaziland – Educational Policy, Management and Technology (EPMT)

The EPMT’s purpose was to improve the quality and efficiency of basic education in Swaziland. Under a subcontract to IIR, TMG procured commodities required by the project, such as computers and related equipment, fax machines, graphics equipment, vehicles, office equipment and supplies, generators, textbooks and teaching supplies and other equipment and supplies. TMG also procured equipment and materials needed for in service training programs, the MOE testing unit, the research and planning unit, regional offices, and distribution centers.

Aug , 13
Tanzania Monitoring and Evaluation Management Services (TMEMS II)

Tanzania Monitoring and Evaluation Management Services (TMEMS II)

TMG provided technical assistance in monitoring and evaluation (M&E) to five Teams within USAID/Tanzania, namely: 1) the Natural Resource Management Team, 2) Economic Growth Team, which includes Feed the Future; 3) the Health Team, which covers the Presidential Malaria Initiative (PMI), Maternal and Child Health and Family Planning and Reproductive Health; 4) the Education Team; and 5) the Democracy and Governance Team.The core activities of this project were to: 1) enhance and improve the functionality and usage of the Implementing Partners’ Reporting System (IPRS), and 2) improve the regularity and quality of data, both of which are necessary to enable the Mission to measure progress in achieving the objectives laid out in the Country Assistance Strategy FY 2009-2013 and to report annually on progress to USAID/Washington in the Performance Plan and Report (PPR). TMG targeted these activities by providing M&E services such as Data Quality Assessments, Enhancement of the Implementing Partner Reporting System (IPRS), and Capacity Building and Sustainability of the IPRS for local Tanzania expertise and leadership.

Aug , 13
Rwanda Economic Growth and Grants Activity

Rwanda Economic Growth and Grants Activity

The overall goal of TMG, and USAID’s Economic Growth Grants Activity was to provide direct, high-impact, community based, support for agriculture based activities that will in turn increase rural incomes, improve livelihoods among producing associations and cooperatives. Introducing improved technologies that add value to agricultural products is to be a focus of intervention. Working primarily through the Rwanda Women’s Network (RWN), the purpose of this contract was to implement an innovative program to support SO3 overall objectives and specifically provide direct, community-based, high-impact, start-up support for sustainable, agricultural-based activities that increase rural incomes and improve livelihoods among producer associations and cooperatives. Assistance included economic and material inputs through the provision of sub-grants, training and capacity building. Actions ranged from solicitation to award of subgrants, as well as payments. The focus of intervention was introducing improved technologies that add value to agricultural products.

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