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American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) Assistance

American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) Assistance

TMG provided assistance to the Office of American Schools and Hospitals Abroad, for review, evaluation and maintenance audits of grants made to sponsors of overseas institutions. The contract focused on strengthening the analytical capacity of institutions to prepare better grant application and accountability of grantees (and local partners) during implementation. TMG provided both home office and on-site management support for this contract. Our overall project management helped ASHA develop improved results planning, performance measurement and evaluation methods, training approaches, and reporting instruments to USAID and Congress.

Apr , 3
Uganda – Investment in Developing Export Agriculture (IDEA)

Uganda – Investment in Developing Export Agriculture (IDEA)

TMG conducted a major project evaluation of IDEA, which was managed by Chemonics International. The goal of IDEA was to increase rural household incomes through increased production and marketing of selected non-traditional agricultural exports (NTAEs) and selected food product. TMG fielded a team of five expatriate and local consultants to review the major achievements and impacts of the project and identify major lessons learned. TMG also provided programming guidance to the USAID mission with respect to the remaining 18 months left on the project, and inform new USAID projects coming on line at the time, particularly the Agricultural Productivity and Enhancement Program (APEP) and the Uganda Trade Revitalization and Diversification of Exports Project (U-TRADE).

Apr , 3
Indonesia – Evaluation of Partnership for Economic Growth

Indonesia – Evaluation of Partnership for Economic Growth

USAID/Jakarta contracted with TMG to carry out an evaluation of the Partnership for EconomicGrowth (PEG) contract, which consisted of three components (technical assistance, grants for partnership, and training). Through this evaluation, the evaluation team, consisting of two expatriate consultants and a local specialist, determined the extent to which the activity is achieving its purposes through compiling success stories and lessons learned. The team reviewed the PEG activity, with a focus on its relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, and sustainability.

Apr , 3
Agriculture-Led Export Business Activity (ALEB), Contract

Agriculture-Led Export Business Activity (ALEB), Contract

Under a subcontract to Abt Associates under this major USAID/Egypt contract, TMG provided long-term monitoring, evaluation and reporting technical assistance to USAID/Egypt. TMG’s long-term specialist was an integral member of the Abt team & USAID SO team, and was the primary person responsible for all data collection and reporting of results, deliverables, and implementation activities. TMG contributed key expertise and relevant data into the design of USAID/Egypt’s PMP, focusing on economic growth and agricultural marketing and production data and indicators. TMG’S system of data collection and reporting received outstanding reviews and feedback from both Abt and USAID/Egypt.

Nov , 28