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  • Education and Youth
  • Gender Equality and Social Inclusion
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  • Peace and Countering Violence
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Advancing Basic Education: ABE -BE

Advancing Basic Education: ABE -BE

Under this IQC, TMG implemented task orders and provided short-term quick-response advisory and technical assistance in the key areas of the education capacity building and literacy training for adults and out-of-school adolescents; early childhood development; strategic planning; performance monitoring and evaluation; curriculum development; teacher training; girls’ education and other gender issues; financial management; and related areas of human development.

Aug , 22
Georgia Analytical Foundations Assessment in the Agriculture (Rural Productivity) and Financial Sectors

Georgia Analytical Foundations Assessment in the Agriculture (Rural Productivity) and Financial Sectors

TMG conducted an assessment that built upon a series of USAID-funded analyses of various aspects of Georgia’s financial services sector. To conduct this analytical foundations assessment, TMG assembled and fielded a team of four international Expatriates and four Georgian Experts. Its primary focus was middle-market enterprises and micro-financing activities of the Georgian commercial banks and MFI’s. TMG also determined the extent to which the financial needs of these entities are being met by the financial system. This assessment developed approaches and made recommendations as to how the existing gap between the demand and supply sides of available financial services primarily for middle market enterprises might be reduced. The primary purpose of the Assessment was to provide the analytical foundations necessary to inform the Mission’s Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS).

Apr , 4
Kosovo Evaluation of the Cluster Business Support Program

Kosovo Evaluation of the Cluster Business Support Program

TMG conducted an end of program evaluation of the USAID/Kosovo Cluster Business Support Program (KCBS). The aim was to identify and recommend the most promising areas and activities for stimulating business and agricultural development. The evaluation highlighted program accomplishments, shortcomings, and lessons learned. It also discussed the effectiveness of coordination of USAID activities with international development institutions working in Kosovo with the goal of helping to guide future planning and implementation of USAID/Kosovo private sector programs.

Apr , 4
Serbia Impact Evaluation of Economic Growth Activities

Serbia Impact Evaluation of Economic Growth Activities

TMG conducted a series of evaluations for USAID/Serbia to provide USAID/Serbia with an objective external economic impact assessment of three programs so that their successful results could be applied to USAID’s next generation economic growth programs. TMG identifed lessons learned, cross-program synergies, and assessed the extent to which program monitoring and evaluation systems were effective in decision making.

Apr , 4