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  • Corporate Partnerships
Trade Facilitation and Capacity Building (TFCB)

Trade Facilitation and Capacity Building (TFCB)

As a subcontractor, TMG supported The Services Group in five objectives: 1) A More Competitive Southern African Economy; 2) Rural Livelihoods Diversified in Southern Africa; 3) Improved Electoral Competition in Southern Africa; 4) Improved Management of Selected River Basins; and 5) Maximize Value of RCSA Services and Programs.

Jul , 31
Civic Initiatives and Municipal Governance Program

Civic Initiatives and Municipal Governance Program

In formal organizational terms, civil society in Jordan remains a relatively recent concept. The newness of Jordanian civil society is reflected both in the limited reach and depth that define the sector as well as in the limited understanding of the role of civil society within broader Jordanian society.

Jul , 31