Areas of Expertise

Our Work:

TMG offers substantive technical assistance to its clients and consistently delivers results. We have successfully implemented more than 100 contracts worldwide (multiyear and short-term) for the US Agency for International Development, the US National Institutes of Health, the US Department of Energy, and other clients. We are currently performing contracts totaling more than $85 million.

What We Do:

Monitoring & Evaluation

At TMG, we are ready to meet the needs of our clients by making sure the right monitoring and evaluation tools are in place. We undertake rigorous field-testing of our programs and serve as evaluators on a wide range of initiatives developed by other organizations. In our commitment to building bridges between research and practice, we also help others develop their skills and strengthen their ability to base their instructional decisions on data and analysis.

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Support Services

TMG provides resources to address service related issues and questions to help clients ensure business continuity. From communications to conference services, our support infrastructure includes a large staff of technical, administrative and field experts serving development leaders in Washington D.C., and countries around the world. TMG’s staffing resources ensure a service presence in every major global region. Learn more about our support services…

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Primary Education & Training

TMG has considerable experience working on integrated community and basic education development programs. Our activities have targeted strengthening institutional capacity through community decision-making processes, resolving questions of equity and access, decentralizing management, strengthening administration, and developing programmatic and financial transparency. On a broader level, we work to restructure professional development systems by creating “communities of practice” within and among schools.

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Financial & Grants Management

Our Grants Management work supports NIH, USAID and other organizations missions by carefully reviewing solicitations for applications, processing applications, negotiating awards, managing administrative and financial aspects of awards, monitoring progress against expenditures, resolving audit problems, and closing out awards when the projects are completed. TMG Grants Management Staff can also arrange workshops and training sessions for recipients and program officials to keep the USAID and NIH grants community current on procedures and requirements relating to grants and cooperative agreements.

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Worldwide Expertise


TMG concentrates a majority of its efforts in Africa where the needs are great and the development context complex. TMG’s current portfolio of projects is valued at over $85 million with projects in Liberia, Tanzania, Nigeria and Mali.

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USAID/India — Evaluation of USAID/India and USAID/DCHA’s humanitarian response and rehabilitation program for an earthquake in the state of Gujarat that affected 15.7 million individuals and caused $450 million in infrastructure losses.

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Europe and Eurasia

The USAID/Kosovo Cluster Business Support Program had a significant positive impact on economic growth, capacity development and job creation in Kosovo. The program aimed to achieve “Accelerated Private Sector Growth” by increasing sales and employment, reducing reliance on imports and promoting increased competitiveness.

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Middle East and North Africa

In Jordan, TMG works with AECOM to provide technical assistance to strengthen economic capacity, develop local businesses and improve the well-being of local citizens.

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Latin America and The Caribbean

In the Dominican Republic, TMG conducted a management survey of support functions and determined how much annual funding would be needed to phase in self-supporting GSO-type operations as required by USAID.

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The Nepal Performance Evaluation is an excellent example of one of our global projects. The Mitchell Group will conduct an evaluation to improve the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance’s (OFDA’s) understanding of the performance of its Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) activities in Nepal.

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Practice Areas


Tailored approaches for implementation, support, and research leading to improved global health outcomes.

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Peace and Countering Violence

Peacebuilding for improved stability in areas of conflict.

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Economic Growth and Trade

Strong and accountable financial management and economic systems for sustainable economic growth and trade.

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Democracy and Governance

Strengthening democratic governance systems for the promotion of democratic processes, good governance, engaged civil society, justice and security.

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Education and Youth

Improved education and learning for a better future.

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Agriculture and Food Security

Improving crop yield, breeding productivity and sustainable food supply and access.

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Corporate Partnerships

Corporate social responsibility connected to measurable project outcomes for clear impact.

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Environment and Natural Resources

Sustainable environmental management, climate change adaptation and mitigation.

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Gender Equality and Social Inclusion

Holistic project design and implementation for gender equality and social inclusion.

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