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UNDP chief calls for 'permanent' focus on NCDs

:: by Cou Kalantary :: In the News

The way U.N. Development Program Administrator Helen Clark sees the future, the fight against noncommunicable diseases can only be won by making sure it is on everyone’s agenda.

“By placing NCDs permanently on the global development agenda, people’s lives, opportunities, and future prospects will improve – thereby advancing sustainable human development overall,” Clark said Feb. 11 at the London launch of an NCD-themed edition of The Lancet magazine, which takes stock of international efforts to reduce NCD prevalence since a landmark 2011 gathering of experts on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly.

In broad strokes, Clark ...

EU budget deal freezes foreign aid spending

:: by Cou Kalantary :: In the News
EU budget deal freezes foreign aid spending

After tense negotiations in Brussels, European leaders reached a historic budget-cutting deal on Friday – but appeared to have spared foreign aid.

The €908 billion deal cuts the EU budget for the first time, and it effectively freezes the regional bloc’s aid budget at current levels – a win, perhaps, for a nervous aid community which had lobbied for a slight funding increase but feared drastic cuts after a proposal that stalled last November included just that.

Still, the agreement may make it harder for European member states to reach their goal of spending ...