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Oil Discovery in Uganda: Managing Expectations

:: by Nicole Bridge :: Game Changers

This paper discusses the management of expectations associated with the recent discovery of commercialisable oil (and gas) in Uganda. No commercial oil was flowing at the time of research and no oil revenues are expected until after 2013.

The ‘early production agreement’ reached between Uganda and the oil companies (particularly Tullow Oil and Gas company) prioritizes the production of 50–100 megawatts of electricity that will be added on to the national grid by the late-2009.1 However, the additional electricity will remain below the country’s requirements. Yet, Ugandans – at the national, local government and community levels – appear to ...

Population Growth, Economic Growth, and Poverty Reduction in Uganda

:: by Nicole Bridge :: Game Changers

This paper examines the link between population and per capita economic growth in Uganda. Uganda has one of the highest population growth rates in the world. Due to inherent demographic momentum, this growth will persist for some time to come. Theoretical considerations as well as strong empirical evidence suggest that the currently high population growth puts a considerable break on per capita growth prospects in Uganda. It contributes significantly to low achievements in education, health, and poverty reduction and will make improvements in these areas very difficult. It may also be an important factor in the increase of inequality. If ...