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TMG Showcases Resilience Initiative Impact Evaluation Baseline Study at the USAID/Africa Bureau’s Evaluation Summit Marketplace

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USAID’s Africa Bureau held an Evaluation Summit last week with USAID mission staff and other USAID professionals working to offer new tools and methods to improve evaluations in Africa.  The three-day workshop addressed the themes of how to improve evaluation quality and how to use evaluations to promote organizational learning.

On Thursday, the last day of the Summit, USAID invited The Mitchell Group to participate in the Evaluation Summit Marketplace. At the Marketplace, TMG had the opportunity to meet and talk to USAID mission and HQ staff to share our work and disseminate evaluation capabilities, practices, frameworks, and tools ...

TMG Providing Logistical Support in London and Dar es Salam

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The Mitchell Group will be providing logistical support to two NIAD and NIH Conferences this summer. 

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Conference (June 23-25)

London, United Kingdom Conference (July 14-16)

The workshops will provide essential information about NIAID and NIH grant policies, management, and funding opportunities. They will also be an opportunity to meet with grants management and scientific program staff. 

Session topics will include:

• Cost Issues: What Expenses and Expenditures are considered Allowable and Unallowable

• What Actions can Delay the Disbursement of Grant Funds

• Payment Management System (effective October 2012 for foreign awardees)

• Funding Opportunity Announcements

• How to Complete a ...

UPDATE | Pilot Workshops for WARP project

UPDATE | Pilot Workshops for WARP project
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The Mitchell Group will be holding the first of two pilot training workshops this week. The first pilot workshop will be held in Accra, Ghana and will be on qualitative research methods. The pilot workshops, which are being implemented by TMG and its partner the University of Pittsburgh are part of a USAID/West Africa Regional Peace and Governance Office (RPGO) capacity building initiative designed to improve evaluation, research and analytical capacity of local and regional organizations in West Africa. These pilots will serve as a precursor to a series of instructional modules that will be conducted in the summer ...

Award Announcement | TMG Wins SAREL Contract

Award Announcement |  TMG Wins SAREL Contract
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The Mitchell Group inc. is pleased to announce that it has recently been awarded the USAID/Senegal Sahel Resilience Learning Project (SAREL) contract. The purpose of the contract will be to provide monitoring, evaluation, collaboration and learning support to USAID resilience programming in the Sahel.  The SAREL project is one of four new and ongoing projects operating in the region of Burkina Faso and Niger.  These projects are aimed at reducing chronically vulnerable humanitarian assistance in crisis and non-crisis years and instead moving towards consistent economic growth and sustainable resilience.

More information on the SAREL Project can be found http ...