The Mitchell Group will conduct an evaluation to improve the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance's (OFDA’s) understanding of the performance of its Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) activities in Nepal. The evaluation will focus on the performance of certain key programs funded by OFDA and the outcomes they achieved.

 Additionally, the evaluation will use the Gorkha Earthquake of 2015 and its powerful aftershock in order to test the outcomes achieved by these DRR activities in Nepal. Out of this evaluation OFDA will develop a more clear understanding of the performance of its DRR approach in Nepal and improve the approaches taken in future OFDA-funded DRR awards.

OFDA intends to use the results and recommendations from this evaluation to inform future DRR programming in general, as well as specifically DRR programming in Nepal. With over $17 million invested in Nepal over the past 15 years, this portfolio of programs remains one of OFDA’s most important investments in DRR worldwide. As a result, OFDA wants to ensure that the lessons learned from this programming are studied, recorded and capitalized on for future DRR programming.